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“Spotlight helps me manage my virtual developers and designers working on my mobile app. We are able to communicate and collaborate like we're all sitting together.”

— Chandra Jacobs
Founder / CEO - tripchi

“Spotlight makes it easy to communicate with our virtual contractors. The social network-like interface makes communication seamless.”

— Stephen Booze
CIO - Appointment-plus

“I recommend this software to anyone who is managing a project resource in another country…”

— Eric Walton
President - Building up Leaders

“After struggling with Asana for 1 1/2 years, we finally feel we have the control and visibility we need with Spotlight.”

— Sergio Estevia
Project Manager - Green Virtual Solutions creator of the ”Savvy Penny”

“Best on the market in my opinion!”

— Jeff Saville
Executive Director - Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation

“Spotlight has critical, helpful functionality for managing virtual teams that no other PM tool features… I am confident you will find Spotlight to be superior and worthy of your use.”

— Alan Lobock
Founder - SkyMall, Inc.

“We love using this application at SEED SPOT and with select ventures in our program. It has helped us stay organized and plan appropriately.”

— Chris Petroff
Co-Founder -

“Managing a distributed Agile team used to be a challenge. Not any more!.”

— Kevin Pugh
Founder, Owner, Developer - SMART Business Systems LLC

“Spotlight is one of those few tools and, with their current product roadmap, it promises to be THE tool.”

— Jason Turner
Founder at Diroddi