Get to Know Us
...and why we created Spotlight

How it Works

Spotlight enables distributed teams to manage projects from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Built on social network communication and Agile project management, Spotlight allows teams to get things done together even when they can't get together.

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Dashboard and Status Updates

Get complete visibility into your distributed team and project from the Spotlight dashboard. Instantly see what tasks your project team is working on, their current status and availability directly from the team member status cards.

Projects and Tasks

Get your projects done faster and more efficiently with Spotlight’s enhanced agile task management system

Message Center

Stay in touch with your team in the Message Center. Start a conversation with the entire team on the project board or send messages to individual team members privately.

Reporting and Automatic Time Tracking

Spotlight’s reporting and automatic time tracking provide the most accurate data on your team activities and tasks. Use the data to gauge your team and prepare for future projects and tasks.

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