Project Evaluation Package

You’ve got a great idea for a software, web or mobile application. It has great potential, and needs to get started. Unfortunately, most great ideas stay great ideas due to a lack of proper planning and preparation. That’s why Spotlight Services offers the Project Evaluation Package (P.E.P.). Our most popular service, the P.E.P. helps you understand what’s required to execute and deliver on your vision.

The P.E.P. includes a detailed report outlining the most important aspects of what you need to know to be successful, including:

  • Technology Stack – Our expert architects will recommend the best technology for your project.
  • Scope, Team and Duration – Our Software Solution Experts will review tour requirements and recommend a project plan, team size and estimate project duration.
  • Budget – Project cost is always key, and we provide you a realistic range you can use to budget and plan your project.
  • Risk Analysis – Be prepared before you start. We’ve seen it all and can guide you around the land mines!

Get started now with the P.E.P. Report for only $295!

Download Sample PEP report

We’ll schedule a call with you and a Software Solution Expert. You and your Software Solution Expert will discuss your project goals and vision. Your Software Solution Expert will then work with an architect developer to create your P.E.P. report. Review your report in detail with your Software Solution Expert, and move forward with the confidence that you know what it will take to get your project done!

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