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The Start-Up Advantage ©

Spotlight Solution Expert

A comprehensive preparation and training program for software development projects using Spotlight

Spotlight’s Start-Up Advantage© gives you the leg up you need to succeed. You will consult 1-on-1 with a Software Solution Expert that will help guide you through the keys to success in software project management, and train you to be successful using Spotlight. During your 30-day Start-Up Advantage program, your Software Solution Expert will fully train you on you to set up, manage and execute a successful software development project using Spotlight.

You will learn key concepts such as:

  • Setting and managing Goals using Spotlight
  • Daily scrums to start your team’s day with communication and accountability
  • Recurring status updates to facilitate inter-team communications and collaboration in real-time
  • Reading daily progress reports to gauge each team member’s efficiency
  • Using Agile to stay on top of your project, and forecast realistic delivery dates and budgets

Your Software Solution Expert is dedicated to your success. That means you get:

  • 4 one-hour calls with your Software Solution Expert
  • Up to 4 more hours of follow up calls to ensure your success
  • Unlimited email support

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