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“My startup, tripchi, has been using Spotlight for the past few months as one of Spotlight's first Beta testers. It is a streamlined and easy to use agile project management sprint tool, and I am happy to have been part of its initial development. I think it will continue to grow in user base, as it has a unique niche in a market that is typically represented by software that is either over-featured and too expensive, or so basic that you can't easily roll up information (Excel, etc.). Keep up the good work Spotlight!”
Chandra Jacobs
Founder / CEO
“With offshore, near-shore and home sourced development teams, the need to quickly collaborate and insure productivity and utilization for these resources is crucial. This product is combining proven project management practices along with social media tools. The result - greater productivity.”
Stephen Booze
“I recently had the opportunity to see a demo of Spotlight and I can truly say this software just blew me away. I'm always looking for that easy to use, but very useful project management software and Spotlight is just that. As a business incubator manager, I suggest that all our clients in the program use Spotlight... Best on the market in my opinion.”
Jeff Saville
Executive Director
Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation
“After struggling with Asana for 1 1/2 years, we finally feel we have the control and visibility we need with Spotlight.”
Sergio Estevia
Project Manager
Green Virtual Solutions
creator of the ”Savvy Penny”
“There are no easy or clean ways to manage project resources and people around the world, until now! Spotlight Software gets to the social side of resource management using a fabulous tool. I recommend this software to anyone who is managing a project resource in another country, especially when there is a time difference in play.”
Eric Walton
Building up Leaders
“Spotlight Software was designed by an experienced software developer and manager to answer needs not addressed by other project management offerings. As such, it has critical, helpful functionality for managing virtual teams that no other PM tool features.... That added functionality allows for stronger, more efficient management of virtual teams, with accountability of project members at its core. Regardless of what online project management tool you may presently be using, I am confident you will find Spotlight to be superior and worthy of your use.”
Alan Lobock
SkyMall, Inc.
“Spotlight is a straight forward way to setup the sprint backlog, assign, track, post, and review performance criteria all through a shared online service. Managing a distributed Agile team used to be a challenge. Not any more!. SerpicoDEV provides it as a service to software development clients. They use it themselves to manage their own projects so it must be good!”
Kevin Pugh
Founder, Owner, Developer
SMART Business Systems LLC
“We love using this application at SEED SPOT and with select ventures in our program. It has helped us stay organized and plan appropriately.”
Chris Petroff
“To compete, collaborate and create today you have to embrace a distributed/non-centralized "creation engine". To harness that engine we must have the tools to properly manage and apply its power. Spotlight is one of those few tools and, with their current product roadmap, it promises to be THE tool.”
Jason Turner –