The Spotlight Advantage...
communication = project success

Focus on communication first, tasks second

Spotlight is unlike other task management tools. While Spotlight offers a top-quality task management system, Spotlight’s real strength resides in its ability to help manage people and encourage communication among virtual teams. By using social network-like communication tools, virtual teams will get the feeling as if they were all in the same office. In fact, when using Spotlight, communication is even better than it would be in an office because you can quickly see what everyone is working on at any time of the day, anywhere.

Virtual Team Member

Where is John?

How many times have you asked where a virtual team member was when they didn't respond to an email or didn't answer their phone? Managing virtual teams can be really frustrating if you don't know where people are or what they are working on. Spotlight makes your project easier and your virtual team member's job easier by allowing easy availability updates to notify team members where you are and when you will be back.

John found out how much easier his life was when his project manager didn't constantly ping him to ask where he was when we went to get a quick lunch or run an errand. He simply changed his status to away and the time he would be back. Just imagine the way Spotlight can make you and your virtual team's life easier!

Quick, real-time messages

Virtual team members status updates

Respond to your virtual team members status updates to quickly ask a question, leave a comment or simply to motivate them! Facebook-like replies to status updates makes it easy to communicate with your team members as well as have a record of questions asked and comments made.

It doesn't take long for project managers to see how useful Spotlight is. The project manager saw that John was working on a task and had spent too much time on the task. The project manager replied to John's status update asking if there were any issues. The project manager learned from John's response that there was an error that he found from a previous task. This type of communication is essential to help notify clients of any delay.

Where somebody is Working?

What is John working on and what are his next tasks?

A simple flip of the status card reveals what John is working on, the estimated hours versus the actual hours on the task, what tasks he has finished and what tasks are next on his plate. No longer does the project manager have to bug virtual employees constantly to see what they are working on next. Spotlight gives you quick access to who is working on what and when.