The Spotlight Advantage...
communication = project success

No more black box

Real Time status updates and notifications

Jack is an entrepreneur. His new start-up, Awesome Software, is comprised of a virtual team. There are 5 developers in India, a project manager in New York, 2 QA testers in Mexico and a designer in in Los Angeles. Jack is in Phoenix. Jack was thrilled with his team because he was able to find the exact talent he needed at the exact price he could afford. However, lately things have been going sideways. The PM cannot seem to tell Jack what the progress of the project is. He’s never sure when the developers are really working. He’s unsure of what is going to be delivered when.

Jack’s story, most unfortunately, is not unique. In fact, 50% - 90% of all software development projects sourced by virtual teams fail. The number one reason? Poor communication. Emails get buried and lost. Skype calls go unanswered. Releases and deliveries are a mystery.

The power of social

Jack is an avid user of Facebook and Twitter. He loves the way he can instantly see what all his friends and colleagues are doing through real-time status updates and notifications. He can chat with them and he knows when they’re around. Jack knows what millions of others know: Social is the best way for dispersed group to communicate.

Spotlight is project management gone social. Spotlight seamlessly blends the power of real-time social network communications with an agile and responsive task management system. Tasks are tied to status updates. That means when a developer works on an assigned task, his status update is broadcasted to every member of the company. Anyone at any time can see what everyone else is working on, their progress and even how efficient they are. Imagine the power to be notified multiple times a day of the status and progress of our project, as well as the status and progress of each and every of your employees… at a laptop, or via mobile.

Jack’s software rocks

Since Jack adopted Spotlight for Awesome Software, his team has been communicating with the efficiency and productivity of working in the same office. Jack has peace of mind now that he has 100% visibility into his people and his project. Jack is happy and Awesome Software is doing great!