How to use pressure washer as versatile tool? An overview by Giraffetools

How to use pressure washer as versatile tool? An overview by Giraffetools

Everyone must be familiar with pressure washers. It can be said that it has appeared in many scenes in our lives. It is most commonly used in car washes. Generally, many cars wash shops or car owners will be equipped with a pressure washer to facilitate car washing. There is also a question that everyone is more concerned about, that is, when we are shopping, how should we choose, and what should we pay attention to? Well, specially spent a few days to organize some information for you, we hope to help you.

Pressure washer brand recommendation:

When choosing a household cleaning machine, we mainly pay attention to the following points

(1) Power size

Generally speaking, the higher the power, the higher the pressure flow of the washer. Therefore, we have to choose according to the usage scenarios and needs.

(2) Price

According to the budget to buy, generally speaking, the price of foreign brands of washing machines will be higher, each has its own advantages, we need to compare performance, quality and budget to choose.

(4) Pressure size

Pressure is also a very important parameter, the greater the pressure, the greater the impact force of the jet. To choose the appropriate pressure according to your own needs, to avoid the pressure is too small to achieve the effect of cleaning

(5) Brand

Try to choose a brand with good reputation and high reputation. When choosing a business, you should also choose a business with complete qualifications. So that, the after-sales and technical services will be more professional.

Pressure washer as versatile tool

(1) Car cleaning

It is suitable for cleaning all kinds of motor vehicles, engineering vehicles, agricultural machinery parts, bulldozers, small private cars, motorcycles, tractors and other vehicles. The cleaning effect is still very good, and the efficiency is relatively high.

(2) Floor cleaning

The exterior walls of buildings, floors, oil stains, walls of swimming pools, dining halls, floors and other venues can be cleaned effectively and quickly.

(3) Physical cleaning and disinfection

Can be used for cleaning and disinfection of some kitchen utensils and items in restaurants, hotels, and food processing plants

(4) Washing off a garden grass cutter properly

After cutting the garden grass, you may have overgrown pieces of cut-grass around your lawnmower blades after using your mower in wet conditions. No one enjoys cleaning it and the odor is not nice either. By the help of high-pressure water, ejected from the pressure washer nozzle, you can quickly clean the underbelly of your mower.

(5) Thorough washing of the agricultural and dairy tools

Large machinery has a must use in the agricultural industry. In addition to the time and effort you put in every day, you also have a lot of money invested in those massive machinery. Therefore, it is not only necessary, but also your duty to take care of its cleanliness. The pressure washer makes this duty a simple and easy one. You just have to direct the point of the nozzle to the required surface. The cleaning job then is on the high-pressure water.