What to consider before buying a pressure washer

What to consider before buying a pressure washer

Watching commercials on television of people using pressure washers invites you to buy one. At first glance they seem to be very useful and easy to use, however, there are several aspects to consider before buying a pressure washer, not only related to its operation, but to details as simple as whether it is a light or heavy machine.

Pressure washers are one of the most sought-after tools on the market, because they remove dirt in difficult spaces in just minutes. The force and pressure of the water through these machines is able to remove dust, grease, oil, mud and any dirt adhered to the car, floors, walls and more.

Users always want to make sure they make purchases they are satisfied with, so before buying a pressure washer it is necessary to consider several features of these machines that go beyond the motor.


PSI or pounds per square inch, implies the pressure of the water supplied by the machine. Pressure washers with a high PSI rating, will be able to clean deeper stains or dirt more effectively in less time. Generally, gas pressure washers range from 2,700 to 4,400 PSI, while electric-powered pressure washers range from 1,600 to 2,300 PSI.


PSI is undoubtedly very important, however, it is not the only option to pay attention to before buying a pressure washer; it is also necessary to check the GPM or gallons per minute level. The GPM is responsible for measuring the level of water volume generated by the pressure washer; it is basically an indicator of how long it will take the machine to finish cleaning.

Pressure washers with a higher GPM level will be much more efficient than those with a lower GPM level.

Hot water or cold water pressure washers

The temperature of the water will directly influence the use of pressure washers, because depending on whether the water is hot or cold, the cleaning process could generate different results.

Hot water pressure washers are used to remove the toughest dirt, such as oil and grease. The high water temperatures help significantly to remove this type of dirt much more easily and in less time.

Cold water pressure washers, on the other hand, come in electric versions and are usually less expensive. They are generally used for cleaning delicate surfaces, such as car bodies, machinery and for removing elements such as rust and paint.

Considering these aspects before buying a pressure washer, will surely make the purchase decision much easier. Nowadays there are many models and brands of this type of machine, so it is a little confusing which one to choose, however, with details like this, it is possible to make a better choice according to the buyer’s budget and needs.

When it comes to buying pressure washers, it is not necessary to be a professional in the field to be able to buy the best one. It will be enough to review the details as described above and ask the seller for help to provide a buying guide to the user.